Michigan Edibles Flavors and the E-Cig Flavor Ban

With the vape cartridge flavor ban in Michigan (and now possibly the federal government,) anything that is adult use only and that have flavors are in line to be under a microscope. If Tobacco can’t use fruity or candy flavors, does this mean that THC cartridges are next? If this trickles down, Michigan Edibles are in danger of being affected.

Young People and Vaping

Adult activities that appeal to children can be very dangerous to our youth. As an adult, you should have free reign to pick your poison, but as a young person, you need to be protected. Unfortunately, there is a huge rise in young people picking up vaping. ​
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These kids state the second most common reason they use is the availability of “flavors such as mint, candy, fruit, or chocolate”. Could this be from the availability and the fad of the smoking method? Sure, but it’s still a cause for concern. Does this also mean we should immediately ban all flavored tobacco? That is the task that the Michigan Governor has taken and maybe even our federal government in the near future.
Michigan’s attorney general, Dana Nessel, is also on board with the vaping ban: Mostly due to the fact that many more young people are getting into vaping. This might mean that the government found a good enemy to combat against; young people doing what only adults should.

​Young People, Flavorings and all The Things are Being Overlooked


Where is the alarm for candy-flavored alcohol? Why hasn’t alcohol been under the same scrutiny? It only seems natural that if young people are attracted to adult vices because they are candy and cupcake flavored, should we be banning everything? This is the reasoning behind this blog post, Michigan-Edibles.com thinks they might be after edibles next after the vape cartridge flavor ban.
How about candy-flavored prescription drugs for kids? Sure these are usually administered by a parent but what if the kid really likes the taste and wants to keep eating them? Should flavoring be completely eradicated from medicine across the board? What will be going too far?

Vape Cartridges first, THC Cartridges Next

There are already people who view e-cigarettes and cannabis vaping as basically the same. Could Michigan’s ban on flavored vaping products possibly ignore the dangers of THC cartridges? They mostly use the same ingredients except for the illicit substance. If we see a ban on tobacco flavoring products actually go through, why wouldn’t THC cartridges get the same ban? The cannabis industry should brace for potential fallout as health officials report new vaping deaths.
For right now marijuana vapes are safe from the e-cigarette ban but still face national scrutiny for lung illness. We should only expect that the government will slowly move their focus from e-cigs to THC cartridges.
Twenty days after we posted this blog the CDC announced that Cannabis vaping — not nicotine — is primary cause of lung illness.

Potential THC Cartridges Flavor Ban, would Edibles be next?

Many news outlets are already reporting onthe rising cases of children exposed to weed edibles.  Because Michigan sees a spike in children poisoned by marijuana edibles, this might mean more regulation and the potential ban of edibles as we know it. If the government ends up banning flavors on illicit substances that would only mean that no one would be able to produce edibles with any kind of flavoring. That means all candy, confections, and baked goods would be off the table.
Other medical marijuana states and countries are already thinking about taking this step. Back in February of this year, Toronto announced that they may ban cannabis-infused candy and flavored vapes.
Here at Michigan-Edibles.com, we are just a tad bit concerned that the information above will end up affecting marijuana products. Edibles in Michigan might have to be very bland. Pills, capsules tinctures, and no flavor marketing on the packages at all. No food coloring, no candy or baked goods. All food might end up being banned.

DETROIT Bans Edibles at the next HighTimes Cannabis Cup in DETROIT

High Times will put on a cannabis cup this October 12-13 at the Russel Industrial Center. But, unlike the previous cups (usually 2 per year for the last 5 years or so) they will not be allowing medicated edibles to be sold.  When Michigan-Edibles.com emailed their High Times representative to ask about this they replied only with “Yes there is no THC Edibles allowed per the city of Detroit.”
Now that Michigan is a recreational state, they now let in anyone 21 and up into the Cannabis Cup. Maybe they feel as though recreational users do not know the effects of edibles and are trying to keep people from eating too much.

Medicating Responsibly


As adults, we need to learn to medicate responsibly. This means taking all the necessary measures you would with anything else in your home that is meant for 21+ adults. Locking up your medication is your best bet. This will keep it from young ones who wouldn’t know better, teenagers who would and pets who eat everything.

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