Poll has ended Best Edibles in Michigan http://bit.ly/PollEndedBestEdiblesinMichigan

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Our goals

Every edible completion we’ve seen happen, about 3 judges eat the edibles and then pick who wins from there. When we started the poll we wanted make sure everyone had a vote in this competition.

Cool Poll Facts:

The poll ran for 58 days.
There were about 1.67 votes per participate. ​
There were 8,712 votes.
The poll was viewed 21,676 times.

Whats next

We ran this poll without much knowledge of what would happen. Mostly so we could do it better and better each time. Get ready for a new an improved poll next year.

What we learned

Next year we will definitely be setting a bit stricter rules for nominations of brands. Also, we will be offering sponsorship so we don’t run out of money trying to do everything for free!

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