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Lara just released numbers concerning edibles and the equivalent amount to marijuana.

We did it you guys!

Last November Michigan residents voted YES to  Prop 18-1 or recreational marijuana for Michigan residents. This allows responsible adults (21 and older) to possess certain amounts of marijuana.
It does not allow anyone to actually SELL marijuana. But you can: 

possess, purchase, and transport up to 2.5 ounces of dried herb and up to 15 grams of concentrate.

What do the laws say about edibles in michigan?

In the Prop 1 language, edibles are only mentioned twice. The first time they mention edibles is to define them.

 “Marihuana-infused product” means a topical formulation, tincture, beverage, edible substance, or similar product containing marihuana and other ingredients and that is intended for human consumption.

The second time edibles are mentioned its not surprisingly how the shape and packaging should be.

​No marihuana processor may process and no marihuana retailer may sell edible marihuana-infused candy in shapes or packages that are attractive to children or that are easily confused with commercially sold candy that does not contain marihuana.

how many edibles can I have legally in michigan

***Please see our legal disclaimer
Edibles from concentrate:
If you are out and about you can have up to 15 grams of concentrate on you. If you make or eat edibles from that concentrate you will probably want to know how edibles that is.
First you should know how much THC is in the concentrate. Lets just use a normal THC percent of 75%. You will know this by looking at your lab report of your concentrates. (get your stuff tested, OK?).
Since you have 15 grams on you, that is 1500 MG of oil. If the oil is 75% THC then we know there are 1,125 MG of THC to be used for the edibles. How many edibles are you going to make with that? Just divide the 1,125 MG by the amount you want every edible to be. Lets say we are making a 20 mg cookie. We would be able to have 56 cookies on us and be within the legal limit. We will just say .25 cookie is waste. But please before you go out in public with 56 edibles please make sure to contact your lawyer!
Edibles from Cannabis Herb
If you are out and about with flowers, you have up to 2.5 oz on you and be within the legal limit. If you make or eat edibles made with flower you will want to know how many edibles that is:
If you make butter or tincture oil from herb you will need to know the percentage of the weed you are using (yes you need to get your stuff tested here too).
If we use all 2.5 oz  in our edibles then we have 70,875 MG of herb.
(2.5 ounces x 28.35g = 70.875 grams = 70,875 mg)
If we have a strain that is 12% THC then we have 8,505 MG we can put into our edibles.
(70,875mg * 12% = 8,505 MG)
That many milligrams would amount to 212, 40 MG edibles to be within the legal limit; or 425, 20 MG edibles.
It would always be a good idea NOT to actually carry around that many edibles, but per the law this is what the numbers tell us.

***do not sell edibles! always remember to contact your lawyer.

This information is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to give any legal advice. This information is not met to be used and is subject to change at any moment without notice. This information may not be correct. Always remember to contact your lawyer.
Print the Prop 1 Language that pertains to Michigan Edibles below:

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