Who has the best Edibles in Michigan?

Our goal for this poll is just that; to find out what you think the best edibles in Michigan are for 2019. When we started this poll back in September we never thought we would have this amount of participation. We would like to thank everyone who is supporting the poll!
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Top 5 in no particular order:

Captain Kirk

Covert Queen

Higher Innovations

Ms Money Penny

During this poll we have had some ups and downs. We have had a few cheaters and a lot of great suggestions. Since the beginning, we have turned on a captcha and turned off viewing the counts after you vote. We are also in contact with PinPoll.com, who is hosting the voting. They have assured me we can comb the votes afterward to delete multiple unauthorized  votes. If you are cheating or have, your votes will be deleted in the final count.
Similarly, we have realized that the once per day vote might be to much voting! We have decided that for 2020 we will be implementing a once per week vote. We are looking for suggestions on poll time length as well because it looks like we still have 11 more weeks of voting!
In conclusion, we are working toward a fair contest that we can keep going in the future.

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